GOOD NEWS: Men Give Red Sox Ticket to Homeless Man

A group of friends from Massachusetts made a homeless man’s day by taking him to a ball game.Pedro Lugo,Sean Wetzonis, and Francisco Rios ended up with an extra ticket to a Red Sox game after their friend canceled last minute. After trying to decide who they should invite, Lugo suggested they take “someone who would appreciate the ticket and have the time of their lives.” 

When the men arrived at the stadium, they came across a homeless man named John,who also happened to be a Sox fan. When they offered him the ticket, his response was, “Hell yeah let’s go!” The group said they all had blast, chanting singing and cheering from the stands. They also posted a few photos on social media. 

“[John] thanked us for everything and he expressed his gratitude,” Lugo said. “Maybe [the game] helped alleviate the stressors that come with being homeless for the few hours at the game.”

Source:Good News Network

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