Are you sick of Robo-Calls? Here's what to do to make them GO AWAY!!

Are you sick and tired of robo-calls?? I sure am....I seriously think I get like 5 a day, it is incredibly annoying especially since I always answer never knowing if it is maybe my kids camp, school or doctor!

Connecticut BBB offers some tips to help you reduce the frequency of unwanted calls:

Get onto the Do Not Call Registry– You can help populate the FTC robocall initiative database by calling 888-382-1222, or registering online at You will receive fewer marketing calls and make it easier to identify the fraudulent ones.

Don’t press any digits on your keypad– Ignore recorded prompts to press digits on your telephone keypad to be taken off their calling list. If you press any keys, it tells the scammers you have an active number, that you are amenable to picking up calls from unknown numbers and willing to following a call to action.Your number will then be sold to other telemarketers and the frequency of calls will increase

Beware of corporate ID fraud– Callers may use the name of a legitimate company to lend credibility to their pitches. Hang up, and if it differs from the number of the legitimate company, report the number to the Do Not Call Registry.

Watch out for “bait and switch”– Some callers will ask something such as “Is Jane there?” When you tell them they have the wrong number, they change the subject and may ask a question such as “While you’re on the phone, have you thought about installing new carpets in your home?”

Don’t pick up the phone– If you don’t know the incoming number, let it ring. If the call goes to voicemail you may be able to discern what sort of a call it is.


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