Pet Correspondent, Sherry DeGenova: Hot Weather Safety

Our Pet Correspondent, Sherry DeGenova has some great advice on hot to keep your pets safe during this extreme heat! Plus, she reminds you to keep your pets safe during fireworks and what to do if they should get lost!

Taken from Rescuing a Child or an Animal from a Vehicle

Under certain circumstances, the law provides an affirmative defense against civil damages or criminal penalties for entering another person's passenger motor vehicle, including forcibly, to remove achild. It covers the person's actions or omissions in removing the child as long as the person:

1. reasonably believes, at the time of entry, that entering the vehicle is necessary to remove the child from imminent danger of serious bodily injury;

2. uses no more force than is reasonably necessary, under the circumstances the person knows at the time, to enter the vehicle to remove the child;

3. reports the entry and related circumstances to a law enforcement or public safety agency within a reasonable time after entering the vehicle; and

4. takes reasonable steps to ensure the child's safety, health, and well-being after removing the child from the vehicle (CGS § 52-557u).

PA 18-164, effective October 1, 2018, extends these same protections to individuals who take such actions to rescue an animal.

Hot Weather Safety Tips and Cooling Centers - Remember to KEEP HYDRATED!!! A simple reminder that could make a HUGE difference! 

High temperatures can be dangerous for your health, especially for the elderly, young children and people who work outside. 

To protect your health when temperatures are extremely high, remember to keep cool and use common sense. The following tips are important:CLICK here for more info!

FOLLOW the Beach, State Park, Ponds & Swimming Area Reports:CLICK HERE

FOLLOW updates from our weather partner WTNH Channel 8:CLICK HERE

Delays & Closings are active and current:CLICK HERE

In addition to our primary role connecting Connecticut residents to the help they need, 2-1-1 is involved in local disaster planning, response and recovery. 2-1-1 is a simple, easily remembered telephone number set aside by the Federal Communications Commission for the public’s use in accessing community services 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.

Here are the links to state and federal disaster information & resources available to Connecticut residents regarding this current heat wave. We will be adding and/or deleting information as we receive updates.

Municipalities: To have your Cooling Center information added here or any changes made to current listings, please send your information

If a city/town has opened a designated cooling center, we will list the site location and hours on our website at the following link. If we do not have any listings available, please note that city/town libraries, senior centers and other public locations are good places to cool off.

Extreme Heat Cooling CentersAir Quality Issues: Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Pollution (DEEP)

Pollution ControlState of Connecticut Department’s providing information on tips and precautions to take during summer heat waves:

CT Department of Energy & Environmental Pollution (DEEP)Department of Public Health (CTDPH)2-1-1 eLibrary paper

Extreme Heat Precautions and Tips

With summer officially upon us, the Department of Public Health (DPH) reminds the public to

keep safety in mind as they go about their daily activities this season.CLICK here for more info!

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