Fidelco Guide Dog: Guide Dog Etiquette

Here is Renee's round-table discussion with Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation about proper guide dog etiquette!

To represent Fidelco, she is joined by Corrianne Gagliardi (Community Relations Officer), Peter Nowicki (Placement Specialist), and Becky Cook (Placement Specialist)!

Also joining them is Bill DeMaio, Superintendent for Newington Parks and Rec—and a client of Fidelco!

Listen below for the full interview:

Guide Dog Etiquette Tips

If you see a dog in harness, they are working.

  • Do not create any distraction: don’t attempt to pet the guide dog, talk to it, call out, whistle, etc. Any distraction of a guide dog’s focus on its job creates risk for dog and handler. It’s all about keeping the team safe!

  • Always ask the handler for permission: even if the dog is out of harness, the handler might not want you to pet or interact.

  • Do not grab the harness or dog: if you think a handler needs assistance, the best thing you can do is ask them if you can help in anyway.

For more about Fidelco, including info on puppy-raising and ways to donate, visit:

Corrianne Gagliardi, Community Relations Officer for Fidelco

Peter Nowicki, Placement Specialist for Fidelco

Becky Cook, Placement Specialist for Fidelco

Bill DeMaio, Superintendent for Newington Parks and Rec and Fidelco client

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