Big Y Pet Month 2019

Here is Renee's interview with David Placzek, Center Category Sales Manager for Big Y World Class Market. He summarizes the success of Big Y's 2019 Pet Month, which wrapped up at the end of May. They collected 24,000 pounds of pet food and supplies for local shelters and $83,355 in monetary donations, which will be dispersed to local pet charities and shelters!

Also joining them, representatives from three beneficiaries of Big Y Pet Month 2019⁠—Priscilla Clark, Development Manager for the Connecticut Humane Society, Jamie Hughes, Relationship Manager for The Hometown Foundation, (and Renee proudly represents Kenway's Cause!) They chat about their partnerships with Big Y and how they will greatly benefit from these funds!

Listen to the full interview here:

Big Y Pet Month 2019 Check Presentation!

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