The Connecticut Children's Museum

Here is Renee's interview with Joe DeFeo, Senior Development Coordinator for The Children's Museum.

He chats about summer camp, some exciting upcoming museum events, and how you can help out their animal sanctuary!

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What's Happening at The Children's Museum?

Wildlife Sanctuary

A ‘Sanctuary is defined as a place of refuge where something is protected or given shelter. The Children’s Museum’s Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the many institutions across the country that provides safe homes to animals. Many of our animals were abandoned pets or, in some cases, confiscated by the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The Wildlife Sanctuary acts as a second chance for animals that would have been cast aside or forgotten.

Our animals receive proper food, housing and exercise. To ensure our animals’ good health, the Sanctuary staff works with the Avon Veterinary Clinic, Advanced Veterinary Care in Farmington and state and federal agencies to ensure that all needs are met.

Behavioral enrichment is a management tool through which animal caretakers provide animals with mental and physical stimulation using both natural and artificial objects. The goal of our enrichment program at The Children’s Museum is to increase activity and stimulation levels while decreasing boredom and stereotypic behaviors. Enrichment can be as simple as animal/human interaction and outdoor exercise. Objects used include food puzzles, enclosure scenting, prey items (skin, feathers) or catnip boxes.

Many of the animals in the Wildlife Sanctuary at The Children’s Museum are comfortable being handled and are used for educational programs.

Visit the Wildlife Sanctuary to learn more about it residents.


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