Las Vegas Lets Drivers Pay Parking Tickets With School Supplies

Right now in Las Vegas, drivers who get a parking ticket can pay it off with school supplies. The City of Las Vegas is allowing people with parking infractions to bring in school supplies that will be donated to the Teacher’s Exchange, a non-profit associated with the Public Education Foundation, instead of paying the fine.

The program is running for a short time, now through July 19th, and supplies must be turned into the city’s Parking Services Office within 30 days of getting the ticket. Even though it’s only temporary, teachers are excited about the program because every little bit helps them spend less out of pocket on their classrooms.

“It’s a way to encourage building community,” explains David Riggleman, Communications Director for the City of Las Vegas. “We also believe it makes paying for parking fines more palatable if the donation is going to a good cause.”


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