8 Year Old Girl Gets Into Baseball Hall Of Fame!

An eight-year-old girl who made history for being the first person to throw out the first pitch at each and every MLB stadium is being honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Hailey Dawson was born with Poland Syndrome, a disorder that left her with three missing or underdeveloped fingers on her right hand. But thanks to the University of Las Vegas School of Engineering, she now has multiple 3D-printed hands that allow her to hold and carry things - and throw a baseball.

The young baseball fan threw out the first pitch in 2015 at a UNLV game and loved it so much, she asked her mom if she could do it again for her favorite team, the Baltimore Orioles. She got the honor and didn’t stop there, going on to throw the first pitch at all the Major League Baseball stadiums, finishing in September 2018 at the Angels Stadium.

Now Hailey’s 3D-printed hands are being enshrined at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The little girl’s twitter account says she’s “So honored.”

Source:CBS Baltimore

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