9 Year Old Boy Raises $80K For Bulletproof Vests For Police Dogs!

A nine-year-old boy in Ohio who loves law enforcement and dreams of being a police officer one day was really upset when he found out many of the K-9 officers don’t get bulletproof vests like their human partners. So Brady Snakovsky, the young animal lover, decided to help raise money to buy ballistic vests to protect dogs hard at work.

He started a GoFundMe with help from his family and spread the word about his mission in the community by going to events and giving talks. Brady even wrote to his local congressional representative to get his message about protecting police dogs out. And all his hard work is paying off. So far, his crowdfunding has brought in $77,013 in donations, which has provided 85 vests in 12 states. He’s even got a waiting list of 58 police officers who’d like one for their K-9 companions.

“Ultimately, Brady hopes to ensure that all police dogs everywhere have their own vests and get the protection they deserve,” his GoFundMe explains. “With donors’ help, he’s starting to make that dream come true - one dog at a time.”

Source:Fox 13 News

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