Endgame Bathroom Breaks

Today’s the day when everyone on the planet’s going to make their plans to see “Avengers: Endgame.” Since the movie clocks-in at over 3-hours, the burning question shouldn’t be who’s going to live or die…it should be when’s the best time to walk out and take a leak. Luckily, without giving any spoilers, we’ve got that answer for you.

Option 1 –About a half-hour into the movie, you’ll see a title slate that says “San Francisco.”At that point, you’ll seeScott Langputting together plot points you likely already knew, so you won’t miss too much.

Option 2 –An hour into the movie, there’s a lunch scene that’s funny, but it’s your best 15-minute window to take a leak, or more, if you’re so inclined.

Option 3 –If you’re a fan ofTony StarkandPepper Pottsas a couple, then their conversation scene just over an hour into the movie won’t be your best window…but if you choose to go during this spot, you won’t miss much.

Option 4 –This is your LAST chance…so make the most of it. When you see the “New Jersey” title slate, make it happen because you don’t want to missanythingin the last hour.

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