GOOD NEWS: People In Cheshire Buy 9yr Old With Disorder Special Bike!

From our partners at WFSB Channel 3....

Nine-year-old Cole Kubicza of Cheshire, Connecticut, has a rare genetic disorder that makes it hard for him to do what many other kids take for granted. He deals with seizures and he’s non-verbal, but that hasn’t dampened his love of bikes.

Friends and neighbors in the community realized that he had a dream of riding a special bike, but also realized that those special bikes are expensive.

So, they rallied and collected enough donations to give Cole a bike he can ride, making his dream of riding down the sidewalk come true.

His mother, Jennifer, said that Cole was definitely excited to receive the bike -- and it didn’t take long for him to start pedaling and steering.

And because the bike is designed to let an adult help keep it under control, Cole is always safe.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, Cole now has more freedom. And, as an added bonus, is able to burn off energy while zipping around the neighborhood.


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