Nine Labor & Delivery Nurses At This Hospital Are All Pregnant Right Now

When a couple women who are related or friends get pregnant at the same time, people may joke that “something has to be in the water.” So at a hospital in Maine where nine nurses who all work in the labor and delivery unit are all expecting, there is definitely something in the water up there.

A photo of eight of the nine moms-to-be who work at Maine Medical Center showing off their baby bellies has gone viral because it’s a pretty rare sight to see. All of the women are due between April and July and one is expecting twins. The women say it’s great having so much support from their fellow pregnant coworkers.

"It's really nice coming to work and seeing other people who are just as pregnant and watching their bellies pop,” nurse Amanda Spear explains, “and just talking about these experiences that we are going through together.”

And being that their job is helping other moms bring babies into the world, the nurses plan to be there for each other’s deliveries, too. Nurse Samantha Giglio says, “It’s comforting knowing we’ll be taking care of each other.” Now that’s teamwork!

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