Someone Has A Perfect Bracket Heading Into Sweet 16

Sure, you are still in your NCAA bracket because like 90-percent of the nation you took Duke.

But how’s the rest of your pool doing so far.

I can guarantee it’s now as good as this one.

Because there is bracket called “Center Road”that has picked all 48 games correct. And, according to the NCAA,it’s the first time ever that a perfect bracket has lasted to the Sweet 16.

And of course you are wondering what the odds of such an anomaly—so I’ll put it to you this way…

Actually, the NCAA will as they said:

“For reference, if every game were a coin toss, the odds of predicting 48 in a row are 1 in 281,474,976,710,656. So, yeah, this is kinda impressive.”

Though this year’s tourney hasn’t been full of Cinderella’s crashing the ball, the person behind this perfect bracket did correctly predict first-round upsets by Liberty, UC Irvine and Murray State, and that all three would then lose in the second round.

If things continue to unfold the way “Center Road” predicts, then we’ll see a Final Four of Duke, Virginia, Gonzaga, and Kentucky, with Gonzaga taking Kentucky down in the Final.

And that could very well happen because they are three one seeds and a two.

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