Gambler Turns $25 Into $104,000...Hits 20 Team Parlay!!!!

Because so much gambling still happens in the shadows, it’s hard to know for sure how much money is being gambled during March Madness.

But, amazingly, in the weeks coming into March Madness, a sports book took one of the biggest hits in the history of gambling when a bettor turned a $25 wager into $104,000 with a 20-leg parlay.

The bettor -- who chooses to remain anonymous -- picked 14 favorites, three underdogs and three overs… and hit on them all, resulting in the largest payout in the history of the Riverwalk Casino in Mississippi.

Gambling insiders who have been in business for decades say they’ve never seen someone hit on each and every one of a 20-leg parlay.

This guy did. And, he walked away with 100-grand.


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