GOOD NEWS: CT State Trooper Finds Couples Lost Wedding Rings!

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A Massachusetts couple thought their wedding rings were gone forever after losing them at a rest stop in Connecticut. But this story has a happy ending!

Peter and Kimberly Reggiannini are from Westwood, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. The couple was getting gas at the Branford rest stop on their way back home from New York City in mid-February.  

Kimberly Reggiannini had taken off her rings to put on lotion and set them on her lap. Forgetting she had taken them off, Kimberly got out of the car at the rest stop along I-95 and the rings fell to the ground. The couple made it all the way home to Boston before noticing. They called police and drove back to Branford, but the rings were gone.  

"Every time I would look down and see that the rings weren't there it was just a reminder of what had happened," Kimberly told News 8.  

"She would wake me up in the middle the night just being like I’m thinking about the rings," her husband Peter said.  

Sergeant Robert Derry with Connecticut State Police took the case knowing the value of the rings beyond a pice tag.  

He poured through hours of surveillance video, narrowing in on the people who picked up the rings, tracking them by their license plates and going to their home and getting the rings back. 

That couple told troopers they thought the rings were fake and handing them back to police.  

Wednesday, the Reggiannini's were reunited with the rings thanks to State Police at Troop F in Westbrook. 

"I can’t put into words, it’s just really wonderful," Kimberly Reggiannini said.  

"Obviously the rings mean so much to us were so glad to have them back," Peter Reggiannini added. "It was never about the money, it was what these rings mean to us,"

"It obviously has a huge sentimental value to this husband and wife," Sergeant Derry said. "I'm coming up on 22 years of marriage, so I can understand what that really means. When something like this happens and it has a positive ending, it makes you feel good about the job that we do and the career I have undertaken for the past 29 years." 

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