The Jordan Porco Foundation: Arlee Warriors

Coach Zanen Pitts of Arlee, Montana

Listen below as Renee chats with Zanen Pitts, Head Coach of the Arlee High School boy's basketball team in Arlee, Montana. Coach Pitts talks about how he and the amazing kids on his team have created a movement to shed light on suicide awareness and prevention. The Arlee Warrior Movement embraces the message behind this year's Jordan's Journey Gala: Stay In The Game.

He is also joined by Rachel Papke, Communications Manager at the Jordan Porco Foundation, and they chat about the upcoming 2019 Jordan's Journey Gala at the Hartford Marriott Downtown. Check it out below!

"Jordan’s Journey benefits the suicide prevention programs of the Jordan Porco Foundation-Fresh Check Day, Nine out of Ten, and 4 What’s Next. These programs are creating a message of hope for young adults in Connecticut and across the country. Just since our founding in 2011, the rate of suicides across the lifespan has increased by nearly 8%. Your support allows the Jordan Porco Foundation to keep countering the rise in the suicide rate by continuing to meet young adults where they are, adapting and growing our programs. Your support saves lives." 

-Jordan Porco Foundation

To buy tickets or to sponsor the 2019 Jordan's Journey Gala, CLICK HERE.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

800-273-TALK (8255)

CLICK HERE for more information on The Jordan Porco Foundation and about suicide awareness and prevention.

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