Man Spread Valentine's Love To Widows And Military Wives

For the past eight years on Valentine’s Day,Seth Stewarthas been passing out roses to women in the Spokane, Washington area. But he’s not just some kind of a ladies’ man, he’s delivering them by request to single women, widows, and wives of deployed military personnel so they don’t feel alone on the love holiday.

When he first started doing it, it was just Stewart and his brother bringing roses to two dozen of their single female friends, but as the community heard about his good deed, he started getting requests and now the tradition has taken off. These days, people use Stewart’s to let him know who they’d like a flower to go to and this year he hired a group of drivers to help him hand out more than 550 roses to women.

The roses are free and everyone he gets a request for gets one. Stewart says there are always a few women who break down in tears because the sweet gesture means so much to them. And no matter how big his rose delivery operation gets, he says his first four customers are the same every year - his mom and three sisters.

Pretty cool gesture if you ask me..

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