Americans Are Bored 131 Days Per Year

While there’s plenty of things out there to help pass the time, whether it’s going to a movie or dinner, reading a book, or even skiing or snowboarding, apparently a lot of Americans areboreda lot of the time.

So just how bored are we? Well, a new survey claims the average adult experiences 131 days of boredom a year. Overall, Americans say 36% of their average week is “not fun/boring/dreaded,” which translates to about 60.48 hours a week. What’s more, 20% of adults say 2018 was less fun than the last three years, with 49% saying it was more stressful than 2017. 

And it seems adulting up is one of the main reasons folks are bored. In fact, 60% of folks say their life is too “grown up,” while 73% miss being a child, for things like being able to spend time with friends (50%), having less responsibilities (52%), and enjoying birthday parties (25%)

So what's keeping everyone from having fun? Well, entertainment costs are one of the biggest issues (36%), with Americans spending about $303 a month on fun activities, or about $3,500 a year. Other things stopping the fun include energy levels (32%) and too much work (32%). 

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