The Peace Center Of Connecticut: Hero Awards

Listen below as Renee talks with The Peace Center of Connecticut Founder/President/CEO Iran Nazario. He discusses all of the inspiring work that the growing organization has accomplished and gives details on the upcoming 2019 Peace Heroes Awards. 

"The Peace Center of Connecticut, Inc. Is Honored to announce the 2019 Peace Heroes Awards. Join us as we build on the legacy of Peace by honoring our 2nd class of local and national Heroes of Peace. Our 2018 Inductees set the path for others to join our Peace Heroes Legacy Hall and our annual gala and fundraising event ensures the continuation of our work for Peace."

- The Peace Center of CT

peace heroes awards


Thursday, April 25, 2019

6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Pond House Cafe

1555 Asylum Ave, West Hartford, CT 06117

The Four Goals of The Peace Center of CT

1. To provide a forum for connecting, sharing of best practices, collaboration and support of organizations and individuals involved in peace efforts;

2. To coordinate the activities of both individuals and organizations in preventing and responding to crises or acts of violence; 

3. To raise public awareness and educate the public regarding methods of achieving a nonviolent and more peaceful community; 

4. To provide member organizations shared resources such as training rooms, gathering and meeting spaces, and resource materials, to allow them to operate more efficiently and make better use of scarce resources.

peace center of ct

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