Hallmark Christmas Movie Filming In CT Needs YOU!

The holidays may have just ended, but filming for next season's crop of Christmas movies has already begun. 

Starting Monday, a Christmas movie for the Hallmark Channel is being filmed in Connecticut -- and they're looking for a lot of extras! 

The shoots will take place in some towns (yet to be announced) along the shoreline. To be an extra, you must sign up on the production company, Synthetic Cinema, website. Filming will take place over the next two weeks. 

What's cool for extras is coming down and seeing the whole process," said producer Andrew Gernhard. "Seeing the crew and the other extras and the stars and actually being able to be involved." And he said there will definitely be fake snow involved. 

"What Connecticut has is that classic New England Christmas look," Gernhard added. "Some of these movies go to Romania, some go to Canada, some are in L.A. in the summer, but nothing really beats that classic New England feel." 


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