Avery's Soda In New Britain Has A Funny New Soda..

As the Government shutdown continues, a New Britain business is trying to make the best of it by adding some sweetness to the situation.

The team at Avery’s Beverages has concocted their latest soda which offers a taste of the times.

Their newest flavor is called “Shutdown Swill”, owner Rob Metz released the soda on Monday and says the Blue Raspberry-Orange mixture is green for a reason.

“We knew we wanted something green because it’s the color of money and then we added some citric acid for some bitterness,” Metz laughed.

The soda, with a label that sports a President Trump caricature, follows a long line of Avery’s political pops, such as Barack O’Berry, Make American Grape Again, and Hillary Hooch.

Metz said and added bonus is that any federal worker who wants a bottle can come by Avery’s on Corbin Avenue and get one for free.

“We take everything so seriously and everyone is all upset with each other, just lighten up and drink a soda,” he said.

Credit: Jim Altman, Fox 61

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