B.A.A.C. Strike Out Animal Cruelty Event

Listen below as Bikers Against Animal Cruelty President Greg Belcher gives details on the upcoming B.A.A.C. Strike Out Animal Cruelty bowling fundraiser and ways you can donate and contribute to the cause! 

"Turning our back, closing our eyes and pretending it does not exist might be a nice existence, but it’s not reality, and doing so will never stop the suffering, neglect or the torment. Ignoring this problem enables the guilty and silences the victims. That is why B.A.A.C.’s motto is ‘To Say Nothing, To Do Nothing, Stops Nothing’. We give everything we have to our mission in the hopes that one day; there will not be a need for groups like us, that one day animal cruelty will be regarded as one of history’s greatest tragedies." 

-B.A.A.C. President Greg Belcher 


B.A.A.C. will also be accepting animal shelter supplies such as paper towels, bleach, blankets and food! 


Sunday, January 27th

 3:00-6:00 p.m. 


Amity Bowl

30 Selden Street, Woodbridge, CT

CLICK HERE for more info on B.A.A.C. and how you can donate!

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