Homeless Man’s Dogs Wait Outside Hospital For Him!

When their owner had a stroke and was taken to the hospital, six loyal dogs waited outside the hospital for 24 hours until he came back for them. The dogs were filmed waiting outside the entrance after they chased the ambulance carrying their owner, a homeless man named Luiz, to the hospital in Brazil.

Witnesses say the dogs were howling for hours while they stood watch for Luiz, luckily he was treated and released the next day. But because Luiz left the hospital in a different exit, his pack of pals stayed behind until a volunteer from an animal welfare group tipped him off that the dogs were still patiently waiting for him at the hospital.

Simone Zilane, a volunteer with the animal welfare group, says the pooches were “ecstatic” when their owner showed up and that “wherever he is, you can guarantee the dogs are never very far away.”

Source: Metro

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