Local Connecticut Connection to Golden Globes!

As I was watching the Golden Globes last night, I thought "hmmmm that guy next to Lady Gaga (smirking with his mouth closed) looks familiar"...but I couldn't quite place him.

Then about an hour later it was all over my social media....everyone from my hometown of Hamden was posting about him.  The guy's name is Anthony Rossomando and he's a Hamden boy...and as a matter of fact, he and I were at the same bus stop for about a year...maybe two...in the Mount Carmel area of Hamden.

He and I weren't friends, I didn't really know him but when you grow up in a town like Hamden...EVERYBODY KNOWS EVERYBODY!!  You know what I'm talking about Marissa Scalzo!

Anyhow, Congratulations to fellow former Hamden Dragon Anthony Rossomando!

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