Tasty Holiday Leftovers!

The holidays are now over and as you take down those Christmas trees, how about turning them into a snack instead for some animals!?

You can bring your unwanted Christmas tree to ‘Gifts of Love Farm’ in Simsbury and their goats Yodel, Gale and Echo will handle the rest.  It’s a winter treat for these goats and the whole process is also good for the environment.

The Gifts of Love Farm is one of many farms in Connecticut collecting Christmas trees for goats to snack on. The folks have been doing it for the past three years and they say each year, more and more Christmas trees are donated.

Goats aren't the only ones snacking on leftover Christmas trees. The trees are safe for chickens to eat as well. It’s better your if tree ends up in their digestive tracks instead of a landfill. Now if you want to donate your Christmas tree, there shouldn’t be any decorations on it. Make sure its bare and contact Gifts of Love in advance..

It gives a new meaning to tasty holiday leftovers...


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