Connecticut: Precious Angels Stolen From Family Grave in Hebron

Connecticut: Precious Angels Stolen From Family Grave in Hebron- please share this story and if you have any information, please let me know and I will pass it on to the family.

They are not looking to cause any issues, they just want their angels back.

AS posted:

Hey everyone. My brother Kyle Harris is buried at the Hebron Cemetery right down the road from RHAM High School. Every year, we put up a small Christmas tree and decorate it. My mom put it up on Saturday and checked on it today, and it had been taken. Our family and friends have been decorating Kyle's tree for 16 years. Whoever took it and the Angels has taken the symbols of 16 years of memories, tears, and times we came together to celebrate the life that was our brother, our son, and our friend.Please, please return our family heirlooms. The misplaced happiness that you'll receive from our Angels can not compare to the meaning you've stolen.I truly hope that the person who took them will show my family love and return them, and anything else taken from the cemetery, including the items left in memory of Paige Houston at her stone. Please choose love and return what you took. And please share this around. Thank you for your support. 

Just to be clear, we hope that all items end up back at the cemetery, no questions asked. We only want them back and for this to stop. Return our Angels. Respect our loss and our brother

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