The Best “Small Town Bar” In Every State

While it’s true that a big rocking drinkery is, more times than not, a great time, it can’t be denied that the small-town dives can give a better bang for the buck. From the lower drink prices to the local charm, these places can offer tons of personality and local characters for the money. There’s a new guide of the best small-town bars the United States has to offer. Here are some of the highlights:

Connecticut - The Tap Room at The Griswold Inn in Essex! - This timeless shoreline inn opened its stately doors way back in 1776 and by 1801 had transformed an adjoining schoolhouse, dating to 1735, into this well-loved drinking den (the Colonists had their priorities, it seems). These days, the "Gris," as it's known, sits on its laurels as the oldest continuously operating tavern in America, doling out bubbling bowls of hot clam chowder alongside proper pints, stiff martinis, belly-warming whiskey drams, and live music every night. The vibe inside this warm, wood-clad haunt is vintage New England on steroids, featuring dusty maritime art, nautical odds and ends, an old-school popcorn machine, and, inexplicably, a year-round Christmas tree perched atop a potbelly stove. Let's just say you won't find Clark and the rest of the National Lampoon gang running amok inside this famed American institution.

California/Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace (Pioneertown –population 350) – Around the time of Coachella, you could find major bands like Queens Of The Stone Age playing here, and it’s close to Joshua Tree. Their smoked meats are the stuff or legend, though, and you’ll need a reservation a couple weeks out.

Florida/Alabama Jack’s (Key Largo –population 10.443) – Fishermen and tourists unite for this swampy good time…and it’s an hour away from Miami, though you’d never know it.

Massachusetts/Moe’s Tavern (Lee – population 5,943) – A massive craft beer selection, and their website says all you need to know: com.

Michigan/Fitzgerald’s Restaurant (Eagle River – population 71) – Located way up in the northern peninsula, this place boasts killer barbecue and whitefish and over 100 local brews.

Nevada/Genoa Bar And Saloon (Genoa –population 939) – This “Old West gentleman’s saloon” is the oldest bar in Nevada…and has a bra hanging that’s rumored to belong to Raquel Welch.

Check out what your state has to offer HERE.

Source: Thrillist

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