Brothers, 10 & 7, Perform CPR And Save Grandmother

Lee Chatterson Wu hadn’t planned on teaching CPR to her young kids, but at her son Kian’s 10th birthday party, another kid identified CPR in a movie and her sons asked her to teach them. Since she’s a nurse, she taught them the basics - where to do compressions, the breaths, plugging the nose, covering the mouth. She says she never thought they’d have to use it at the ages of seven and 10, but just a few months later those skills helped save their grandmother’s life.

The brothers were spending the night with their grandmother, Patti Chatterson, when she had a massive heart attack and went into full cardiac arrest. She was unconscious on the couch and not breathing and little brother Grayson says it was so scary, but Kian says they “just acted.” They called 911, Kian started chest compressions, the 911 operator walked them through the steps and Grayson gave her breaths until the paramedics arrived seven minutes later.

Patti says she’s lucky to be alive and that she wouldn’t have survived that day if her grandsons hadn’t performed CPR. They had to restart her heart five times in the ambulance and she doesn’t remember anything except waking up four days later in the hospital, but she’s made a complete recovery now, thanks to her grandsons’ quick response.

Source: CBC

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