Time To Give Thanks from Our Friends at Fidelco Guide Dogs!

Time To Give Thanks from Our Friends at Fidelco Guide Dogs!

Eliot Russman, President and CEO of Fidelco Guide Dogs shares someHoliday travel, meal and treat tips with a BONUS treat recipe below!



 First…health and safety:

·       Make sure that you enough prescription medications and special diets for the entire time traveling PLUS at least three days.

·       Your primary Veterinarian’s contact information

·       And, look up e contact information for emergency veterinary hospitals at your final destination and poison control hotline numbers

·       It’s also a good idea keep a warm blanket, bottled water and bowls in the car since unexpected travel delays can pop up any time. 


We strongly advise that pet owners, especially dog owners, resist giving any table scraps to their dogs. No matter how much begging is involved! Spicy turkey, rich gravy, and all those sides are not a formula for an enjoyable holiday meal.


We recommend giving your dog its favorite biscuit treat while preparing the meal and just before everyone sits down to dinner. And don’t be fooled by loving eyes – it’s better to feel guilty for a few minutes than to spend the night in the emergency room. It may be best to have your dog rest in another room or in a crate during the meal.  And, be careful to place the food scraps trash in a secure place.




A really tasty recipe that comes from the Fidelco Guide Dogs Training Kitchen. We call it “Frozen Pumpkin Parfait” at Thanksgiving and it was created by a staff member.



·         Plain Canned Pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie filling…..it has too much sugar

·         Add some boiled potato pieces along with your dog’s favorite kibble, a bit of honey and some creamy peanut butter.

·        Mix and freeze into 8-ounce plastic cups – please be sure to remove before serving. Or…you can stuff a Kong toy with these ingredients.


Our end-of-year is quite busy…everyone is encouraged to visit Fidelco.org for upcoming events, and details about our annual holiday store. We have some great holiday gifts that support our life-changing guide dog mission. Listeners can check it out at fidelco.org that’s fidelco.org.


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