Football Player Makes Life-Saving Sacrifice

Two years ago, Patrick McGroarty -- who happens to play on the Salve Regina University football team in Rhode Island -- was among the hundreds of athletes and students who entered their DNA into a pool to potentially help sick people.

Since then, Patrick has been attending classes and playing football. But all of that was put on hold when he learned that he was a perfect match for a six-year-old boy who needed his bone marrow to survive.

Patrick said he was shocked to receive that call -- but didn’t think twice about donating.

So a few weeks ago, he underwent a bone marrow procedure and missed the final two games of the season while recovering. But his team ended up making the playoffs, which will give him a chance to once again join his teammates on the field this weekend.

Patrick says he’s happy to see his small sacrifice make such a big impact because he knows a couple weeks of recovery will affect the six-year-old for his entire life.

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