GOOD NEWS: Custodian Grandma From CT Hits Lotto

A West Haven High School custodian is Connecticut's latest big winner!

Patty Brown, a West Haven resident, says she always finds enjoyment in playing scratch off lottery games.

"When I play (Cashword), it relaxes me", Brown tells the Connecticut Lottery. "For $3, I can play for quite a while and it's a lot of fun". 

Brown played Cashword 26 at Grillo's Market on Campbell Avenue in West Haven. She got 10 words on her ticket, winning $25,000. 

Lottery officials say Brown, a 73-year-old grandmother, claimed her prize last week at lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill.

Brown said she loves what she does everyday at West Haven High School. She truly enjoys working with the kids, even after working at the school for 38 years.

When asked what she plans on doing with the money, Brown says she can finally buy a new recliner. "Mine is terrible", she said.

She also plans to share some of the winnings with her family.


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