GOOD NEWS: Mookie Betts Feeds Homeless After Win

Mookie Betts will likely win the 2018 American League MVP award, but the Red Sox right fielder is also an MVP in the community.

Hours after Betts and the Sox grabbed a 2-0 lead in the World Series, he shifted his attention to Boston's homeless community on a cold autumn night by providing trays of food outside the Boston Public Library.

While the media swarmed around Fenway Park, there were no television cameras or reporters to cover this act of kindness and charity, which might have flown under the radar if not for a tweet from Lou Merloni, who summed up Betts' actions appropriately: "The man that delivered the food wasn’t looking for attention or praise BUT deserves it. God Bless you Mookie Betts"

Boston fans already give Betts rousing ovations when he has a crucial hit or a highlight-reel catch. Now they have a whole new reason to do so.

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