“Boo! It’s Halloween”

“Boo! It’s Halloween”

“Boo! It’s Halloween”

Halloween means spooky decorations, scary costumes, carved jack-o'-lanterns and of course CANDY! It's a fun time to celebrate for kids but it can be troubling for your cats and dogs. On Halloween night, kids from all over will be going door to door in search of treats but it's important to keep your pet's safety in mind as well. Our friends from Fidelco share a few tips for keeping your pets safe and calm this Halloween.  

What can we do?

Let’s focus on the “three C’s” … candy, costumes, and candles:

  • Candy is for kids. And the kid in all of us! Listeners….please keep ALL candy away from dogs: chocolate can be deadly while other candies cause nasty stomach problems. Beware of tasty candy wrappers, too!
  • Don’t “surprise” your dog or cat with your costume...share it a few days before…and let them watch you getting dressed.  And…if you’re planning to dress up your pet, NEVER leave them unattended in costumes.
  • Instead of hot candles, use battery operated lights inside jack-o-lanterns…it’s much safer!

And many pets don’t like the constant doorbell ringing!

We suggest a quiet place for your pets to rest…away from the Halloween night action. Many dogs and cats can become overly anxious with constant doorbell ringing. And strangers in costumes just add to that stress. 

One more treat...

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Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!



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