You Only Need Seven Friends in Life!

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How many people make up your squad? Your entourage?  Your inner circle?  Do you have like A LOT of friends or do you keep your group small and close to the chest?  Either way, consider actually only need SEVEN good friends in your life to be happy.  Check these out!

  1. The Catalyst - The first friend to make the list is the “catalyst” or the one who inspires you and pushes you outside your comfort zone to ask for that raise or flirt with your crush.
  2. The Player - This is the friend you want around when you’re ready for cocktails and catching up.
  3. The Nurturer - When you’re upset and need a shoulder to cry on, this caring BFF is the one who’s there for you.
  4. The Inspirer - After hanging out with this bestie, you’re full of new thoughts and ideas. She may spark an existential crisis or just convince you to organize your closet Marie Kondo-style.
  5. The Challenger - This friend helps you figure out what you believe and why by testing your opinions, sometimes frustrating you, but in a good way.
  6. The Lover - Everyone needs a BFF who just loves you unconditionally.
  7. The Maker - This person can be your partner, but if you don’t have one in your life, no worries because apparently, you can be your own maker, too.

I wonder which one my friends would categorize me as?


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