GOODS NEWS: Hartford-Guys Lift Ambulance Off EMT's

A group of strangers came together and saved paramedics trapped by their own ambulance after an accident. Police in Hartford, Connecticut say two EMTs had just dropped off a patient when a car ran a red light and crashed into the ambulance at high speed, then the ambulance hit a third car before landing on its side.

Thankfully, good samaritan Odane White was driving by when he saw the crash. He says he could hear someone screaming and realized it was one of the paramedics trapped underneath the ambulance. He says he ran over and tried to lift it up, and then a few more people joined in to help and somehow they were able to lift the ambulance, which could weigh anywhere from 9,000 to 10,000 pounds!

“In my head, I kept thinking this could be me or my brother, so I just held it up until eventually we got him from underneath,” White explains.

A manager with American Medical Response says they are extremely grateful to the bystanders who stepped in to help after the crash, calling their actions “heroic.” Local news reports that the two EMTs were taken to the hospital and released the next morning in stable condition.


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