Pumpkin Spice....CHICKEN WINGS?? Yup..

If you strolled into any coffee shop or café this afternoon and you will have your pick of countless pumpkin-flavored, autumnal snacks and drinks. But can you say the same for wing joints??

Buffalo Wild Wings, or "BDubs", has mastered the art of the buffalo wing. They're crispy. They're tender. They're tangy. And now... they're pumpkin-flavored? That's right: just in time for Halloween, Buffalo Wild Wings has debuted new BBQ Pumpkin Sauce.

When you think of pumpkin, chicken may not be the first pairing that comes to mind. Per the Buffalo Wild Wings website, the BBQ pumpkin sauce is "... fall’s favorite flavor. Ale mixes with BBQ flavors and pumpkin spice for a taste of the season."

It is a little offbeat, but if you think about it, pumpkin flavor has gone hand-in-hand with heat for a while. Pumpkin in itself is not what flavors your favorite festive treats, it is pumpkin spice. So, while pumpkin and hot sauce that coats buffalo wings may not be a match made in heaven, pumpkin knows how to amplify and compliment spices like a pro. It was only mere time until pumpkin spice made the leap from snack and dessert to main course.

So...are you game? Would you try them?

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