Join Jordan Porco's Hartford Marathon Team!

Join Jordan Porco Foundation's "We're In It For Life" Team

Join our team for the October 13, 2018 Hartford Marathon! You can captain your own team of runners, or 5K walkers, sharing your story to inspire hope, recruiting your friends and family to join you. Or, you can fundraise as an individual on our "We're In It For Life" Team.

Why is it important to be #InItForLife, supporting raising mental health awareness and suicide prevention? Suicide is a serious public health concern. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young adults ages 15-24. Suicide can happen to anyone, anywhere. But you can help prevent suicide by supporting the Jordan Porco Foundation's lifesaving programs. Together, "We're In It For Life!" That's our pledge to young adults across the nation, and our team cheer - #InItForLife! 

Hartford Marathon Information: You can register for the Marathon, Half Marathon, Team 26.2 Relay, or Charity 5K. There’s a distance for everyone and a positive experience awaiting. You are joining runners, families, charities, and volunteers coming together in an inspiring display of community spirit.

CLICK HERE to register and help them reach their goal!

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