After He Was Mocked,13 Girls Ask Teen To Dance!


It wasn’t easy for Louisiana high school student Dakota Nelton to get up the courage to ask a close friend to the homecoming dance, but when she said no and a crowd of teens standing nearby laughed at him, it was devastating. And to make it worse, the whole thing was captured on video and shared on Facebook, so thousands could watch his humiliation.

But things turned around for the high school student when a group of girls decided to ask Dakota to the dance. Yep, a whole group of 13 girls, including cheerleaders, held up posters and proposed to the once-rejected teen to ask him to the homecoming dance. Alyssa Buckley, one of the 13, says they wanted to show him that “he’s loved and worthy and deserves to be going to homecoming with somebody.”

And it worked. Dakota accepted their invitation and is going to the dance with the girls this month. Their special homecoming proposal cheered him up and he says, “I felt like one of the popular kids in school, which I’m really not.”


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