One CT Town Made The List Of Best Places To Live..

While a lot of us choose where we live based on what we can afford and how close it is to our job, that doesn’t necessarily mean we are getting the best this country has to offer. Now you may think you live in the best city around, but now “Money” magazine is here to let you know whether or not that's true.

The mag has just come out with their choices for the Best Places to Live in America. In making their choices, they looked at cities with good schools, flourishing economies, vibrant communities, and low crime rate, as well as diversity, and they also compared home prices with incomes in the area.

One CT town made the top 50....West Hartford came in at #47...

So, where is the best place to live in the U.S.? According to “Money” it’s Frisco, Texas, where jobs are expected to grow by close to 15% over the next four years. It also has great public schools, and the highest graduation rate of all cites on this year’s “Money” list. Frisco also has a relatively low cost of living, with average home prices are about $349,000, with the median family income at about $129,118. 

“Money” Magazine’s Top Ten Best Places To Live In America...(click here for the complete list of 100)

  1. Frisco, TX
  2. Ashburn, VA
  3. Carmel, IN
  4. Ellicott City, MD
  5. Cary, NC
  6. Franklin, TN
  7. Dublin, CA
  8. Highlands Ranch, CO
  9. Sammamish, WA
  10. Woodbury, MN

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