GOOD NEWS: 11yr Old From Tolland Saves Bus Driver

An 11 year old Tolland boy is being credited with helping to save his bus driver’s life.

Will Restall is a sixth grader at Tolland Middle School.  While riding the bus to school Monday morning, he found himself in an emergency situation and stepped up.

“I just ran up and grabbed the walkie talkie! Just needed to get her to the hospital quick,” Will Restall said..

The 6th grade student credits a bus safety course he learned last school year for knowing exactly what to do in this type of situation. The bus ride began like any other school day for the 11-year-old, a student at Tolland Middle School.

“I was on my phone and I just heard a loud bang! I saw it at the last moment,” Will said.

Will’s bus had just pulled up to school and parked. Right before he and 15 other classmates were about to get off, the bus driver suffered some sort of medical emergency, according to Will and school officials. 

“She wasn’t moving, she just fell,” Will added. That’s when Will jumped out of his seat and headed her way. "She fell over and I grabbed the walkie talkie and said she needed medical attention and an ambulance and they came! There is this button on the side and I just talked into it and called for help,” Will added.

Luckily the school resource officer and other adults were right outside the bus to help too.

“I got a call from the principal,” Will's mom, Tara Restall said, “She called him a hero, and you know he really is, he really helped. We’re so proud of him. He had the piece of mind and knew what to do,” Tara added.

Will's dad, Tim, told the local news that “As a parent you always want to raise your children well. Send them in the right direction and Will did a great job,” Tim said.

“And we hope she’s recovering and alright,” Tara added.

A bus company spokeswoman couldn’t say much about the bus driver for privacy reasons, but explained the bus driver is home recovering.

The superintendent of schools tells us all safety procedures were followed and the students safely exited the bus.


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