Fidelco Guide Dogs: “Running With The Big Dogs”

Fidelco Guide Dogs: “Running With The Big Dogs”


We’ve been reminding listeners for a few weeks now about joining Team Fidelco to run or walk Eversource Hartford Marathon…so it seemed appropriate to talk about what it actually takes to run with the big dogs.

There’s mixed views about whether it’s safe to jog with dogs, especially over long distances, so we’re sharing some important tips from our Vet Med resources with listeners:


  • First and foremost – health matters. Always consult your veterinarian BEFORE running with your dog.


  • Weather matters. Extreme temps – whether current heat and humidity or cold and snowy – can be fatal to dogs.


  • Age matters. Dogs – young or senior – will do just about anything to please their people…even to their own detriment.


  • Breeds matter. Some working dogs, such as Huskies are built for long distance running. Herding breeds, such as shepherds, can work a flock of sheep all day, although there’s always a bit of down time. While some breeds with shortened muzzles can experience breathing issues.

Bring YOUR passion to Fidelco Guide Dogs. They have many new pups and need more Volunteer Puppy Raiser families. 

Ride for Independence motorcycle ride event is Sunday, October 7th. It’s a family-friendly event featuring BEAR’S BBQ. And everyone is invited to join Team Fidelco to run, walk and support our charitable mission in the Eversource Hartford Marathon on Saturday, October 13th. All details can be found HERE

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