New Haven Couple Will Feed 1000 This Thanksgiving!

Even though we haven’t reached Labor Day yet, a couple in New Haven, Connecticut, are already looking ahead and preparing to serve 1,000 needy people at Thanksgiving.

Pastor Brenda Adkins and her husband, John, have already started accepting donations of money, sweaters, sweatshirts and toiletries to get ready for their annual “Day of Joy” feast and giveaway in November.

Brenda and John are also recruiting volunteers to gather and prepare trays of chicken, salads, collard greens, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, rolls, green beans and other dishes.

They expect to serve dinner for 1,000 this Thanksgiving, and then have every family leave with a bag of groceries and toiletries.

Adkins said she and her husband ran into a boy, 13, at a gas station last week who was asking people whether they needed any odd jobs to be done, as he had siblings at home who were hungry.

“It’s just so sad,” she said. “You’re 13 years old and you had to make a sacrifice like that when you’re going hungry.”

Those who would like to donate, but can’t make the storefront drive, can mail them in care of Brenda Adkins, or Divine Will Fellowship Inc., to 330 Munson St., New Haven 06511. Anyone with questions can call Adkins at 203-802-0747.

It’s a huge effort, but Brenda and John are confident they’ll be able to pull it off -- especially since they’re already getting things rolling and getting people in the community excited about pitching in and helping those in need. 

Credit: New Haven Register

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