GOOD NEWS: Beer Man Saves A Life!

A beer truck driver in Minnesota saw trouble on tap while on his route -- and managed to talk a stranger out of jumping from a bridge by suggesting they knock back a couple brews.

Kwame Anderson spotted the man climbing over a fence over a highway in St. Paul and called out for him to stop. When the man, whose name has not been released, replied, "You don’t know me, you don’t care. Why are you trying to save me?" Anderson persisted, telling him there was plenty to live for ... including beer.

The driver, who moonlights as a standup comic, ran to the truck, grabbed a case of beer, opened it and told him, “I have a pack of Coors Light for you. Follow me.” That did the trick and got the potential jumper to climb down -- into the arms of rescuers who took him to a hospital, without stopping for a sip.

Anderson promises the offer still stands, and says he'll treat the man to a drink at one of his shows when he's released.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Kwame Anderson)

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