Fidelco Guide Dogs: “It’s Hot Outside” Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke

Fidelco Guide Dogs: “It’s Hot Outside” Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke

Renee DiNino chats with Eliot Russman, President & CEO of Fidelco Guide Dogs who shares important Hot Weather Safety Tips! Take a listen to the interview below and be sure to share this with your friends & family! We've also listed some important tips below too!

According to our colleagues at Cornell University… 

Heat Exhaustion occurs when our pets are exposed to prolonged high temperatures and the symptoms will include:

  • Deep and heavy panting.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Shaking and tremors.
  • Intense thirst.


Heat Stroke is life threatening and occurs when core body temperature rises, and our pets are unable to self-regulate back to normal. Signals are:

  • Disorientation
  • Seizures
  • Strong rapid pulse
  • Unconsciousness


Both situations require immediate emergency medical attention.

Common sense is the best remedy. If it’s too hot outside for most people, it’s too hot for all pets. Some helpful tips during these very hot days:

  • Limit pets’ outdoor activities.
  • Provide pets with a cool place to rest…kitchen or bathroom tile floors are great.
  • Always have fresh, clean water available.
  • If necessary, hose your pet down.
  • And…NEVER over-exercise pets during heat waves. Or people!

What's new at Fidelco?

Two super events are coming up. Fidelco Guide Dogs rescheduled, annual “Ride for Independence” motorcycle fundraising ride that supports Fidelco's blind veterans guide dog program is Sunday, October 7th and Team Fidelco is training for the Eversource Hartford Marathon on Saturday, October 13th.  All information is available at that’s

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