Help the Hartford Yard Goats Raise Money for Pet Resuscitators!!

Help the Hartford Yard Goats raise money for Pet Resuscitators for the Hartford Fire Department!!

Fancy Pants Cares and So Should You!!

The Hartford Fire Department doesn't have Pet Resuscitators on their fire trucks and The Hartford Yard Goat Foundation and Circle K Farm wants to help! They're trying to raise $1900 so they can present the Pet Resuscitation Kits to the Hartford Fire Department during the game on August 27th. Join them for the game so you can be part of the fun!

Donations by check can be dropped off during the game up to the 7th inning at the Goat Pen or can be mailed to Tom Baxter at Hartford Yard Goat Foundation, PO Box 231417, Hartford, CT. More information below.

CLICK HERE to go to Circle K Farm Facebook page

CLICK HERE to go to Hartford Yard Goats Facebook page

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