Cooking on TV with Family! Our recipe! Seafood Clambake!

Cooking on TV with Family! Our recipe! Seafood Clambake!

Here is a LIVE LINK to the first part of the interview and recipe - it's in two parts! CLICK HERE The second clip is coming where we finish the dish!! Stay tuned for that - but the recipe is below! THANK you to my Better Connecticut Family who allowed us this really cool experience! CLICK here to get to all things BETTER CONNECTICUT!

Thank you to Big Y, they generously provided the food we used!!!!


3 ears of fresh corn, break in half

About 2 to 3 lbs small red potatoes

2 lbs or more if you like raw Large Raw Wild caught USA Shrimp

2 lbs or more if you like USA Little Neck Clams

1 package kielbasa ( I used Kayem)

Old Bay seasoning to your taste ( I used about 1/4 cup while cooking then added more at the end)

2 cups low sodium chicken broth

6 quarts water

1 stick butter (optional)

Your fav Crusty bread for dunking!


In a huge pot layer potatoes, corn, cut up kielbasa into little chunks, pour in chicken stock, the water and Old Bay - cover and le come to a boil

Stir, add more Old Bay if you like, let go about 10 minutes, covered

After 10 minutes - chk potatoes - if they seem ready - not mashed - add the shrimp and clams, cover and when the clams open YOU'RE DONE!!!


Transfer contents, minus the liquid to a LARGER serving bowl, cut up 1 stick of butter, sprinkle more Old Bay over top, then ladle about two to three scoops of the liquid over the mixture, sprinkle with fresh herbs of your choice - I used parsley and EAT!!!

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