Best. Job. EVER..Nuts!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we've got a gig for you — so long as you're willing to pick up and move to a charming town in Italy.

The Ferrero company, maker of popular confectionary treats like Nutella spread, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Tic Tac mints, and Kinder candies, is looking for 60 “sensory judges” who will get paid to taste-test its products.

The 60 lucky candidates will relocate to the company’s headquarters in Alba, a town located in Italy’s Piedmont region and famous for its selection of white truffles.

There, they will go through a paid, three-month training course starting in September where they’ll be sampling plenty of hazelnut, cocoa, and white chocolate goodies to learn about the sense of smell and taste and help the brand improve its products.

Those deemed suitable for the job at the end of the course will be hired on a long-term contract with the company, starting with a part-time commitment of two days per week for two hours.

According to The Local, this is the first time the company is looking to employ non-professionals to taste-test its products.

Those interested in the position are invited to email alba@openjob.itwith reference code ALB01 in the subject line. 

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