Woman’s Sign On Her Car Helps Her Find A Kidney

Teri Sampson has a rare genetic blood disorder and doctors told her she needed a kidney transplant a few years back. When both of her kidneys failed two years ago, she decided to take what she calls “desperate measures” to find a donor - she posted a sign on the back of her car with a plea for a donor along with her contact information.

The California woman has been hooked up to dialysis every day since then, which has allowed her to continue living and working while she waited for a match. Sampson has type B-negative blood and only 2% of the population has that type, so finding a compatible kidney is more difficult.

But her desperate search has finally paid off, all thanks to that sign on her car. Someone saw it, was tested and found out they’re a match for Teri. She has no idea who the kind stranger is, but the kidney transplant is scheduled for September 24th.

"This total stranger that I don’t know is going to save my life, and, I mean, how wonderful is that?" Sampson says. "It’s huge. If I can meet them and tell them how much their selfless gesture has completely restored my faith in all humanity -- it’s the most beautiful thing ever."

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