“Surf’s Up. Water Safety.” A Message From Fidelco Guide Dogs!

“Surf’s Up. Water Safety.” A Message From Fidelco Guide Dogs!

Eliot Russman, President and CEO of the Fidelco Guide Dogs has great Summer Water Safety Tips for your pets!!!

Keep in mind swimming should be an enjoyable experience for dogs and their owners. And swimming is great exercise, especially for our senior dogs who may benefit from low-impact exercise.

Always…safety first. Use a flotation device, or swim vest for dogs when boating at the beach or lake. Even a strong swimmer can get tired…just like people.

Take a listen to our interview below!



  • Never force a dog into the ocean, lake or pool.
  • Be patient…take it slow and easy the first few times.
  • Honor your dogs’ wishes. Swim with the swimmers…relax under the umbrella with the others.
  • And…always have fresh water for your dog after swimming.

Fidelco Pup House News: We’re been very active in the Pfriem Pup House this summer and we’re looking for loving Volunteer Puppy Raiser homes in both Fidelco Guide Dog locations to help us raise future heroes. All information is at Fidelco.org…that’s Fidelco.org


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