Save Enok: A Veteran's Emotional Support Dog Needs Surgery

Save Enok: A Veteran's Emotional Support Dog Needs Surgery

Enok is a 9 year old energetic, happy dog who suddenly started crying and whining to go out at all hours of the night and day along with stomach issues. We found out he has a non functioning colon, which means he has no control over his bowel movements and toxins are building up inside of his body because nothing is working to release them. Our only option is an experimental surgery that will remove the non functioning area and then connect the small intestine to the area that works to allow him to have a functioning GI track. Enok has been a strong emotional support through his Dad's deployment, as well as multiple annual tours, as an Air Force Tech Sergeant. Enok has been there by his side through his entire military career, as well as the stress of returning to civilian life.

If we are not able to get him this expensive surgery the only other option is to put him down. He is in perfect health other than this one issue and has so much life left in him. CLICK HERE TO DONATE



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